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The theme of A Midsummer Night's Dream - A Greener Earth will highlight what we all can do towards sustainability in our own gardens, while still being able to enjoy their remarkable beauty. During the show, true to the theme, you may meet a mischevious fairy or two, perhaps even Titania or Oberon. Hopefully you will be charmed by their message of greener is better for everyone, human, fairy, pollinators, birds, and plants alike.

For those that have trouble seeing fairies, printed information will be available offering recipies for earth-friendly and inexpensive pest control, how to attract birds and pollinators to your garden, as well as the care and nurturing of your daffodils.

The daffodils displayed throughout the show are from Granville gardens. Blooms are picked by Garden Club members in the days prior to the event. Club members in the Bulb Sales room are available to discuss daffodils, answer questions, and help place orders. Bulbs ordered at the show will be available for pick up in October for fall planting. Bulbs can be shipped to a home address, though postal rates apply.