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OAC awards Bryn Du Art Center two grants for art programming 

Last month, the Ohio Arts Council board approved 743 grants totaling more than $14.7 million to support Ohio artists, organizations, students, educators, and public arts programming. Both arts programming and the new-this-fall Artist in Residence program at Bryn Du were approved for two grants. These grants will allow Bryn Du to continue to offer and evolve quality arts programming through the Bryn Du Art Center, the 16th and 17th annual Bryn Du Art Shows, and additional cultural and arts events throughout campus.

“Our state is rich in artistic ingenuity, creative collaboration, and passionate individuals who know firsthand the positive impact of the arts.” - Ohio Arts Council Executive Director Donna S. Collins. The Bryn Du Commission is extremely grateful for these awards and thanks the Ohio Arts Council, Governor DeWine and all of our legislators who support the Arts in Ohio.